A Blog About Nothing

Okay, confession time. I’ve got nothing. I woke up this morning praying about this blog. Later, driving from Parker to Strasburg, I prayed about this blog. After the Pastor’s Alliance meeting at Mountain View Fellowship, I prayed about this blog. Following an extremely lengthy phone call at lunch time, I prayed about this blog. Now, after listening to voice-over demos (don’t ask) with Señor Musser, I am praying about this blog. You know what God has given me in return? Squiddle-dee-dink.

            In desperation, I challenged Musser to a haiku-off – we each would choose a subject and we’d have 15 minutes to write the perfect poem which we could publish in the blog. He didn’t bite. He thought it sounded a little desperate, which it absolutely was. His snarky suggestion was to use the old “Here’s an old blog of mine that’s really been on my heart…” or the “I was just reading this powerful article and had to share it with you…” trick. Not much help there.

            So, I am officially defeated, beaten, conquered, vanquished. I’m going to embrace that surprisingly high French percentage of my DNA which 23andMe has so rudely accused me of carrying and raise up the white flag. I fought the blog and the blog won. I bow my head in humility and shuffle away from my keyboard until next week, when hopefully I will be able to attack my literary foe with renewed vigor. Until then….

5 thoughts on “A Blog About Nothing

  1. Mike Young

    Wordless, eh. What an admission for a writer. A paradox! A strange symptom for for an empty nester!!

  2. Vicki

    Okay…. here is a little secret you may not know…. the last time you were gone, Musser’s children’s sermon was just like this!
    Love you both! You are off the hook!

    • steven.musser

      Woah!! Way to sell me out Vicki. I thought that was our secret. SMH

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