A Prayer Guide for Our Present Time

As tension escalates between America and Iran, it is easy for the Church to sit back feeling helpless. We know we should pray, but we don’t always know what to pray for. Today, I’m going to use the blog to put forth a prayer list that you might use to guide you as you bring this tense situation before the Lord. Because of today’s culture, it is very difficult to look at anything without politically partisan eyes. I have done my best to create this outside of partisanship, focussing solely on the facts and reality of the situation. I would encourage you to pray that same way, seeking for the will of God to be done rather than rooting for a political victory. If you want to add to the list anything that I may have missed, please feel free to use the comments below:

  1. Pray for President Trump. Most of the decision-making is in his hands. Pray that he listens to his advisors, that he acts with wisdom, and that he seeks the guidance of God. Pray that he errs on the side of peace, but acts decisively when it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Pray for the president’s advisors. These include political and military people. Pray that they advise in the interest of the country first. Pray that they seek the will of God. Pray that God thwarts the advice of anyone acting according to their own agenda or to that of a group whose interests are other than the peace, virtue, and strength of our nation.
  3. Pray for the Capitol Hill people – the senators and representatives of the Congress. Pray that partisanship can be set aside when it comes to the security of our nation. Ask the Lord to shut down the voices of those who are speaking against His will for our nation and to amplify those who are seeking His will. Pray that those on the side of truth will find success, and those whose hearts and motives are false will be rejected.
  4. Pray for our military. Ask God for protection if they are put in harm’s way. Pray that the Lord foils any plan or terroristic plot against them. Pray for peace for the hearts of their loved ones back home. Pray that the Lord protects our military men and women from any long-term physical or emotional damage.
  5. Pray for our nation, that God heals the deepening cultural divide. Pray that, should anything violent happen to our military or our civilians, we will put political and cultural differences behind us and unite as one people.
  6. Pray for the leaders of Iran. Pray for their salvation. Ask God to cause any violent plans they are hatching to fall apart. Pray that the foothold the devil has had in the nation’s leadership, particularly in the last 40 years, will be shattered.
  7. Pray for the Iranian people. Pray for their safety and protection, particularly if the situation escalates. Ask God to give success to the rapidly growing anti-clerical movement who are seeking to throw the yoke of radical Islam off of their country.
  8. Pray for the Church, both here and in Iran. We have brothers and sisters in that nation, and likely in their military. Ask the Lord to use them to shine His light among the Iranian people during this time of uncertainty, even as we ask Him to use us to do the same here in America.

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  1. Mick Fields Reply

    Pastor Steve
    As you know, praying for our country has always been on my heart. Satan has and is using the air to distort the truth, but God will prevail and draw those who will listen and see. All we have to do is have ears to hear with and eyes to see with. That is Spiritual ears and eyes.

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