A Weekend to Remember

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had. It began with a fantastic Good Friday service. Steve Musser and Scott Andrews not only put together a mood-setting worship set, but they created a perfect esthetic with lights and colors and candles. The band was tight, the feel was right, and the Holy Spirit moved through the church. After I said a few words, we opened a time of communion which was special for two reasons. First, as I said, the Holy Spirit was powerful in the room. Second, Musser seemed to have mixed up his homemade flatbread recipe with his homemade shortbread recipe. If all communion bread was this delicious, I might convert to Catholicism just so I could hit the daily mass. When the service was over and most folks had cleared out, I used the powers vested in me to formally declare the bread to no longer be communion but dessert. I think everyone ended up leaving with a sugar high.

            When Sunday arrived, God blessed us with a rare windless, above-freezing Sunrise Service (although, based on the 7:00am start time, Jim Sprecker renamed it the Sunrose Service). Andy Garcia set the tone with some worship. I jabbered a bit about the newness of life and the newness of relationship that are found in Christ’s resurrection. Then we headed inside to our annual Easter Breakfast. Great food, great fellowship – great way to start the day.

            I could go on about the morning services also, but I’m just now realizing that this is less a blog than it is a travelogue that never actually leaves home. This wasn’t my original intent – it’s just kind of where we’ve gone. Maybe it’s that I’m still flying high from the weekend. April 19 marked my ninth anniversary at SCC, and I can’t think of any Easter during my tenure that I’ve enjoyed quite so much. All the pieces simply fell into place and God blessed us in amazing ways.

            Then Monday morning came and the Lord added a bonus day to the fabulous weekend. The memorial service for Ben Rodda was, well, memorable. Ben was a firefighter for 51 years. Yes, you read that right – five decades serving as a first responder. He was a man who loved his family, loved the fire department, and loved his God. The service was truly a celebration of this godly man as testimony after testimony was given of his character and his selflessness. Then, based on his specific request to me before he passed away, the Gospel was clearly presented to all who had gathered. Ben wanted to make sure that everyone at his service had the opportunity to face death as boldly and fearlessly as he did.

            After the memorial and a fantastic meal, a procession left heading to Fort Logan for Ben’s military honors. Leading the motorcade was a Quint fire apparatus, i.e., a big honkin’ fire truck, inside which rode Ben’s son, Steven, with Ben’s ashes. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life to witness the respect paid to this great man on our hour-plus journey. Each time we passed a fire station, the trucks were parked out front with their lights on and the firefighters were lined up in a formal salute. It was a powerful tribute to a true servant, and I was honored to have had the opportunity to be a part.

            So, that’s why I’m feeling pretty good today. It was a long, full four days. But they were days that saw the Good News spread. They were days that honored the One who is the reason for that same Good News. And they were days that celebrated the powerful impact that this Good News had in the life of one man. Maybe not the most exciting blog, but a pretty darn good weekend.

3 thoughts on “A Weekend to Remember

  1. Sheila Wadsworth Reply

    And that is what it’s all about….. all to the glory of our Lord Jesus!

  2. Evelyn Schroth Reply

    It is now the Thursday following Easter, and I am just now feeling up to checking my computer. This writing, Pastor Steve Yohn, made my heart so full of God and His love, and the tribute to Mr. Rodda confirms the goodness and love of our God to those who truly serve Him without question.

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