A Whole Lotta Love

Something a bit different today. I want to give you a little gift. As I was reading my Bible this morning, I came across Psalm 103. Normally, I would have read it, then moved immediately on to the three chapters I had left to round off my morning quiet time – today they were in Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, and Micah. But today, I couldn’t get past this Psalm. It is chock full of God’s amazingness and the wonderful blessings that He has given to us. In it David writes about God’s mercy, His complete removal of our sins, and His compassion. 

David also four times mentions what I think is the greatest Hebrew word ever – hesedHesed is often translated “lovingkindness” or “steadfast love” or “devotion” or “unfailing love”. Most love in this world is a “because of” love. I love you because of what you do or who you are or what you have or how you can help me. So often, when that “because” ends, so does the love. Countless marriages dissolve because they were based on a “because of” love.

Hesed, however, is an “in spite of” love. In spite of your failings and in spite of how you’ve hurt me, I will continue to love you with a steadfast love – an unbreakable love. That is the perfect love that God has given to us.

So, my little gift to you is a chance to be reminded of God’s great gifts to you. I’m going to link you here to the ESV version of Psalm 103. Instead of reading the 800+ additional words I’d typically have written here, take a moment to slowly and prayerfully read the 250-300 words of this Psalm. Look for the words “steadfast love”. And as you read, have an attitude of thankfulness in your hearts. As we prepare for next week and the craziness of Christmas, let this be your moment to ground yourself in the most wonderful gift that God has ever given to you – Himself.