An American Tragedy

Nancy and I watched the movie “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” Saturday night. Later that evening, I journaled my reaction. I’d like to share with you what I wrote, because the emotions were still fresh at that time.

“Watched the Gosnell Movie with Nancy tonight. Rarely have I been so absolutely numb after a movie. Maybe not since Schindler’s List. The horror of what Gosnell did is just a small sub-set of what takes place in America every single day. We’re particularly horrified because the babies were born. But does that really make a difference? The barbaric methodologies of torture and slaughter that are used every day are no less breath-taking. If we heard of a murderer who killed his victims by injecting them with a painful poison, then sucked their brains out until their heads collapsed, we’d be overwhelmed, astonished, appalled, sickened. But every single day that is happening hundreds if not thousands of times across the country. But it’s okay with babies because it’s a ‘medical procedure.’ Now New York has said that the very thing that Gosnell was imprisoned for life over is a-ok. Governor Northam of Virginia gave his okay to it also. Lord, protect the innocents. Judge the perpetrators and the lawmakers who make it legal. Wash us clean of this stain. Forgive our nation.”

            Unfortunately, as more light is directed toward state laws across the country, it’s becoming obvious that New York and Virginia are not vanguards in softening late-term abortion prohibitions. Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer write in a Wall Street Journal opinion column, “In fact, eight states—Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont, along with New York under a law enacted last month—have no time limit on elective abortion. Another 20 or so—the exact number is unclear because some laws are vaguely written—allow abortion up to 24 weeks.” All of you fellow Coloradans who knew that we had no time limit on elective abortion, please raise your hands. I’m guessing a few hands raised, but I’m also betting most didn’t. California isn’t even on the list, but right there in big bold letters is our beautiful Rocky Mountain state.

            Whether or not the Colorado law allows the killing of babies already born, I don’t know. New York’s law does, as will Virginia’s, if it passes. More will quickly follow. Now, before you go getting all up in arms about this, just know that it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. Obstetrician Dr. Karen Feisullin was asked during the Gosnell trial what is done in the case of a child actually being born alive during a late term abortion. After some hemming and hawing and her assurance that it’s never actually happened in her practice, she said, “It depends on the gestational age, but just, you know, as a human being, you would want to comfort, at least comfort care.” Asked to elaborate, she said: “You . . . really just keep it warm, you know. It will eventually pass.” So, don’t you worry. We’re not like the barbarians of old who would leave their unwanted children exposed out in the woods to die of cold or get eaten by ferocious wolves. Our unwanted children are kept nice and warm and comfy until they die, and our wolves are friendly, mild-mannered, and wear cartoon-patterned surgical scrubs.

            When I talked about the Gosnell movie on Sunday, someone from the second service called out asking what we can do about it. I did some fast talking, because I didn’t have a good answer. I was still so enraged that I hadn’t taken time to consider what the next steps are. Now that I’ve had a little time to think about it, let me give you three options:

Pray – there is nothing more important or powerful that you can do. Abortion has become part of our national culture. For anything to change, it is going to take a work of God. Pray for the protection of the children. Pray that the Lord stops those mothers who are considering aborting their child. Pray for all those wonderful workers in crisis pregnancy centers who spend their days saving life after life. Pray for the redemption and salvation of the doctors and medical professionals who make their living taking the lives of unborn babies. Pray for the politicians who ensure that abortion is legal – that God either brings them salvation or judgment.

Vote – and when you do, never, ever vote for a pro-abortion candidate. I recognize that this statement will get me painted with a religious extremist brush and derogatorily labeled as a “one issue voter”. So be it. If there was ever “one issue” that should make a person a “one issue voter”, the saving of innocent lives should be that issue. And don’t be afraid to let your state and national representatives know your stand. Feel free to call them or email them and let them know that you will happily encourage every person you know to vote against them if they support pro-abortion laws. Do it politely. Do it matter-of-factly. But do it.

Get involved – God leads some to the front line of the battle. There are those that He will call into involvement at a crisis pregnancy center. We’ve got a great one out here on the I-70 corridor. If God is leading you this direction, give the Eastern Plains Women’s Resource Center (EPWRC) a call. I’m sure Deb Jackson would love to get you plugged in. Others are led to protest or to stand out front of abortion clinics and lovingly reach out to the women who are going in. Go where the Lord is leading you and do what He’s calling you to do.

This is not about right or left, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. This is about life and death, right and wrong. If there is one positive that has come from the New York and Virginia legal tragedies, it is that it has caused abortion to get back into the conversation – not just in our nation, but in our churches. Don’t let it slip back out of your mind. Don’t fall back into apathy. Don’t let this opportunity go by without prayerfully determining how God will have you involved in the saving of these innocent lives.

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  1. Brenda Mills Reply

    I am thinking of revival- to often it seems we are caught up in our own world the older I get the more distractions I see and fall into-we are bombarded with so much information it is hard to process everything- much less spend time praying over it and listening for His leading. I have avoided listening to most of the political agendas for years but recently that changed- hearing the atrocities of the New York laws and possibly other states to follow is sickening to say the least. I joined in with other Christians a week ago for a week of prayer and fasting for our nation (it was an encouragement to pray and how often or how much was up to each individual)… I am continuing to pray more for our nation and I know that includes listening and obeying His leading- revival starts with me.

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