Audience Participation Tuesday!!!

The past few days I’ve been wrestling through a chapter for a ghost-writing project I’m involved in. The subject is sin and forgiveness. As I was processing last night, a question jumped into my mind that I want to put out to you. Yes – you! That’s right, it’s Audience Participation Tuesday!!! (cue theme song with large flying graphic, finishing with wild applause and confetti cannons)

            The question I would like your wisdom on is this: How do you personally fight off temptation?

            Feel free to take this question any direction you want. You could talk about how you prepare yourself early for when the attack eventually comes or you might have a strategy for when you’re in the midst of the battle – maybe even after having taken your first step over the line. It could be a verse or a prayer or a song or an action. I really want to hear what works for you.

Why don’t I just write out some temptation fighters? Because if I were to list “Five Helpful Steps for Spiritual Victory” most would give it a quick scan, say “Hmmm…”, then move on. Your suggestions, which have been proven in your own life, will have a much greater practical impact.

            So, take a minute to pray, then write your thoughts in the comments section. Just a heads up, it often takes a little time for your input to be posted. Every comment needs to be moderated to make sure we weed out the offers to become a cannabis oil distributor or a Nigerian prince’s new financial advisor.

            Finally, for each of you, whether you are commenting or not, check back in throughout the week to see what your fellow journeyers are saying. It will be worth your while.

            Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to learning from you.

3 thoughts on “Audience Participation Tuesday!!!

  1. Lorrie Johnson Kloss

    After i was first saved, my thought life was awful. So when I began the stinking thinking I would stop, and ask the Lord to help me get rid of the thoughts, and would say get behind me satan.

  2. Lorie Fabian

    I fight some temptations by praising God. When I start thanking Him for all the small things He does for me they REALLY ADD UP! For other temptations, I remember “Greater is He in me than he who is in the world. ” He’s proven so many times that He’s stronger. With the strongest guy in our corner, we don’t need to sweat it!🤗

  3. Autumn Palmer

    I agree with Lorrie. Usually temptation begins with a thought. Like Steve M. preached this past Sunday about Apostle Paul capturing every thought and making it obedient to Christ, we should start there. And, to pray for the Holy Spirit to help. But, we need to be actively and purposefully thinking about those things which honorable, noble, good, pure and lovely (Philippians 4) setting our minds on the things above (Colossians 3). You’re the only one in your mind, so it’s easy to be tempted there. That’s why, for me, also confessing to my close, God fearing friends is so very helpful; Accountability. Ask for prayer. Just do it.

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