Mission/Vision Statements


To foster connection, growth, and discipleship in intimate, community-based settings that provide accountability, support, encouragement, and hospitality to one another.


To encourage people to develop spiritually mature relationships that will deepen their walk with Christ, as a result of small group mentoring, accountability, and discipleship, and to use those relationships as a catalyst for engaging their immediate communities with the Gospel message through relevant service and thoughtful action.


Core Values (G-U-I-D-E-S-S)

 Kinetic Growth

Community groups serve as a catalyst toward fostering relational growth and fellowship with one another. This can only be accomplished when individuals recognize their greater strength as a unified team and work together toward that end.


Community groups work together to promote harmony and peace with one another, so that the Church might present a unified body to both those in and outside of it.


To act with purpose and planning in all that is done, so that groups might maximize their outreach efforts.


Community groups will work together to foster an atmosphere in which members are able to deepen their relationship with Christ.


Spurring one another on towards a deepening relationship with Christ, group members champion one another’s faith through accountability and love.


Community groups act as a first-line of defense when its members are in need. Whether   physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial, group members commit to providing a trusted foundation for one another.


Groups commit to identifying and meeting the relevant needs of those in their immediate communities in personal and relational ways, so that the Gospel message may be proclaimed to those around them.


  1. Who will lead the groups?

Each of the community groups will be led by individuals from the church that the church leadership has specifically designated based on their personal character, relationship with the Lord, and ability to lead/facilitate these type of groups.

  1. How many community groups will there be?

While we aim to launch with 3-4 groups, we are praying that the Lord will bless us by allowing us to establish 10 groups by the end of 2018.

  1. What will the groups be studying?

Recognizing that each group is different and will have different needs, we want to give them the autonomy to invest their time and efforts into things that are relevant to them. There will be times during the year that all the groups will study the same thing, in conjunction with the rest of the church, but for the most part each group will determine what they do on their own.

  1. How often will they be meeting?

While the specific day and time for meeting will be up to each group based on their own availability, groups should aim to meet between 2-3 times per month. There will be occasions when this isn’t possible due to schedule and holidays, but we believe that through consistency and commitment the greatest blessings will be gained.

  1. What else will the groups be doing?

Great question!! We want the groups to be a reflection of everyday life. So, in addition to meeting for discipleship, we want them to also gather together for fun—cookouts, parties, game-nights, one-on-one conversations, and anything else you would do with friends. These are the places and spaces that relationships grow and flourish, and we want groups to gather to simply do life with one another.

In addition to this, we want each group to be engaging in outreach during the year. While these outreach opportunities will be different for each group, depending on their group dynamic, we believe that when groups join together to meet and serve the needs of those around them, that the body of Christ is glorified and His love is demonstrated to others.

  1. How can I lead a group?

Simple. Just ask! Throughout the year, we will be continuing to grow our opportunities for community groups, so that more people have the chance to get connected with a group. If you feel the Lord is leading you in this direction and you’re interested in becoming a group leader, simply connect with Assistant Pastor Steve Musser and let him know. Yeah, there will be a lot of question and answer back and forth to make sure that you’re a good fit for the role, but you’ll probably get a free cappuccino out of him.

  1. Who will be in these groups?

Our desire is to make each group a reflection of the makeup of the church. SCC is a very inter-generational church, and we believe that there is much value in formulating groups that pull from a wide breadth of ages, genders, marital status, and life-experience. We want people from different backgrounds and stages of life to be joining together in their walk with Christ, in order to edify one another. While there may come a time in which we would see the need to develop demographically specific groups, for now we want to create a good mixture within each group.

  1. How do I join a group?

You can sign up for a community group a few different ways. First, visit the community group sign-up page on the website and fill out the form. Or, if you’ve downloaded the Strasburg Community Church app to you mobile device you can sign up that way. If neither of those ways work for you, simply connect with Pastor Steve Musser and he’ll get you what you need to sign up.
The reason we are doing sign ups this way is because there are a few questions to ask so that we can plug you in with the group that will best fit your needs and schedule.

  1. Who is giving oversight to the groups?

The community group ministry will be shepherded by the Assistant Pastor, Steve Musser. He will be the one helping to shape and grow the ministry, alongside of the group leaders. While each group will be run by the group leader, Steve will be connecting with these group leaders to help provide resources, discipleship, and accountability to the leaders themselves.