The primary responsibilities of elders fall into two general categories: spiritual and strategic growth and development

Through intentional discipleship, caregiving, and relationship building, elders serve as an integral part of ensuring that our church is actvely cultivating an atmosphere in which people are able to thrive in their relationship with Jesus. Through their leadership of the church, elders help to ensure that all areas of the church–from our Sunday morning gathering, to Bible studies and community groups, to adult and children ministries, to outreach and missions– are intentionally engaging in a process of discipleship that deepens a person walk with the Lord.

Elders work together, in conjunction with the pastors, deacons, and ministry leaders to build a future for Strasburg Community Church. By setting strategic goals, creating and protecting the churches culture and identity, and developing strategic partnerships that help propel ministry forward, elders are tasked with not only providing for a healthy church today but also building one for tomorrow.

To carry out these responsibilities, elders meet on a monthly basis as a group for prayer, discussion, and planning. At regular intervals throughout the year, they also meet with the deacon board as well as other ministry leaders for planning and to serve these other leaders in the church as they carry out their responsibilities.
Elders frequently connect and meet with people who are a part of our church as a way of discipling, mentoring, and providing care and counseling to those in need. Additionally, for those elders gifted and desiring to do so, they will frequently be found leading Bible studies, community groups, and even preaching on Sunday mornings.

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