Read, or listen to, the books, “Church Elders,” by Jeramie Rinne and “Deacons” by Matt Smethurst. These books provide a wonderful overview of what the role and responsibility of an elder is as well provides insight to what will be expected of you as an elder of Strasburg Community Church.

Fill out the “Elder Candidate Questionnaire” and then submit it, via email, to the senior pastor. The questionnaire consists of three parts: the applicants quesionnaire, two character references, and, if applicable, a spousal quesionnaire. Your questionnaire will be confidential and only be read by the elders. Steps one and two may be completed simultaneously, but the elder applicant may not proceed until both steps have been completed.

Once you have completed the first two steps, the elders will reach out to you to schedule a time to meet with you about your interest in becoming an elder. If they believe you would be a good fit and are Biblically qualified to become an elder, you will be invited to continue on in the process. If not, then they will clearly communicate the reasons why not.

Once an applicant has been deemed a good fit for the elder board and is found to be Biblically qualified, they will be invited to sit in on the “devotional and discussion” portion of elder meetings. Inviting applicants into this portion of elder meetings helps both sides better understand the “heartbeat” of both the applicant as well as the elder board. This step will last between 3-6 months.

After the previous step has been completed, and assuming both the applicant and elder board continue to believe the applicant to be a good fit for the elder board, they will invited to participate in full elder meetings. This step will require the applicant’s full confidentiality as private and personal matters of the church and/or its people may be discussed. This step will last between 3-6 months.

Once the previous step has been completed and both the applicant and elder board continue to believe the applicant to be a good fit for the elder board, the congregation will be notified of the applicants desire to become an elder. As per the churches constitution, the applicant will be nominated by the elders, and then voted upon by the church members and installed as an elder, if approved by the church.

At any time in this process the application may withdraw their application. If you have any questions about this process, please contact one of the elders.

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