You Desire to be an Elder

1 Timothy 3:1 and 1 Peter 5:2 tell us that the very first qualification for an elder is simply that they desire to be one. As a shepherd of God’s flock–the church– carrying out the role of an elder is not something to be taken lightly. Desiring this role, once a person has a healthy understanding of what it means, is the first and most fundamental qualification.

Exemplify Godly Character

Reading through the list of various Godly character traits, that are laid out in passages such as 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9, tell us that an elder must live a life that consistently demonstrates the character of Jesus Christ. These passages tell us that elders must be above reproach, self-controlled, gentle, respectable, hospitable, not greedy, angry, or arrogant, sober-minded, the husband of one wife, not violent or quarrelsome, and trustworthy.

Lead your Family Well

For those men desiring to be elders and who also have families of their own, scripture tells us that elders must lead their family well. This means that their marriage to their spouse is one of faithful service and fidelity and that they are actively teaching their children what it means to love the Lord. Additionally, elders should be hospitable men who demonstrate kindness, compassion, and care for the needy and lost who enter their homes
For those men desiring to become elders, but who do not have families of their own, they should be men who carry out relationships with the opposite sex with integrity and purity.

A Mature Believer in Jesus Christ

Elders will be called on to lead, disciple, and care for others and as such need to be men who have a mature relationship with Jesus Christ, that has been cultivated over much time and effort. I Timothy 3:6 tells us that elders should not be men who have recently come to know Jesus as their Savior but have matured in their relationship with Christ.

Able to Teach the Bible

As leaders in the church, tasked with helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus and knowledge of the Bible, elders need to be men who can aptly teach the Bible. While they not ever find themselves preaching on a Sunday morning (although they might), they do need to know how to effectively communicate the Word of God in ways that lead others to humble transformation and change.

Elders Must be Men

As Christ has called men to be leaders in their homes and families and as He compares the family unit to that of the church, we believe that the role of elder is reserved strictly for men and as such will only permit men to hold this position within our church.

As per our churches constitution, elders must also be members of Strasburg Community Church, above the age of 18

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