It’s resource day at the Strasburg Community Church blog! On Sunday, I said that the only thing that is keeping everyone from becoming well-grounded in what they believe and why they believe it is a commitment to taking the time to learn. We need to be ready to defend and confirm the Gospel (Philippians 1:7), but our attitude in doing so must be one of gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15-16). Gentleness and respect are easily maintained when we truly know what we are talking about. Typically, the emotions end up running high when the questions and conversations begin going in areas where we are uncomfortable and feel that there is a high probability that we’re going to end up looking like complete doofuses. The Holy Spirit promises that He will always be there for us, but we need to put in our homework, too.

            After the service on Sunday, someone approached me asking for the best resources for preparing to talk to Mormons. Those are the kinds of questions that I love to hear! I gave her some suggestions, but the question spurred me on to today’s blog. My hope is to create a one-stop shop for resources to help you with anything you want to learn about – doctrine, cults, apologetics, quiet times, etc. I’d also like to keep the resource page dynamic, so if you have any go-to resources or if you learn of more as time goes on, then let me know. I’ll check them out, and then we can add them to our ever-growing list.

Check out the newest page on our website, “Grow Your Faith” to check out all these resources and much more!

Quiet Times

  • Apps
    • YouVersion (find on your App Store) – sets the standard for app Quiet time usage, including many reading plans, multiple versions, and a community option
    • Our Daily Bread (find on your App Store) – folks have been using this wonderful devotional for years. Now they even have a teen version
    • iDisciple (find on your App Store) – devotions, reading plans, and what they call “growth plans” that address various struggles in life. There is a free version and a monthly membership option
  • Bibles
    • Any One-Year Bible is great as long as you are willing to let missed days remain missed. Otherwise, if you have a dry patch, you’ll fall far enough behind that it’s easy to give up. Remember, the One-Year Bible was made for man, not man for the One-Year Bible.

Personal Bible Study


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