Snowy Day Bible Quiz, Part Deux!!!

Not many weeks back, the Denver metro area was shut down due to a snow and ice storm. Schools were closed, businesses shuttered up, roads were undrivable – it was a day that was best spent tucked away indoors, enjoying time with family and sipping on hot chocolate (or hot cocoa, if you happen to be from Canada or in a Hallmark movie). Today, the snow is back. Judging by how deep my mini-Schnauzer disappeared into the drifts, I’m guessing we’re at 16 inches here at the house. Once again, the city is shut down. Once again, families are snuggled safely at home.

            Because I know that being locked in the house for a full day can be both a blessing and a curse, I offered to you last time a Snowy Day Bible Quiz. Unfortunately, this wonderful gift received a rather tepid response. However, I remain undaunted. So, based on the philosophy that every mediocre idea is worth trying twice, I’ve decided to offer you the Snowy Day Bible Quiz, Part Deux!!! (cue Snowy Day Bible Quiz theme music here)

            In its previous incarnation, prizes were offered for completing the quiz and putting your answers in the comments section below. This time I am offering you nothing but spiritual pride which you can use to lord it over your fellow Christians. It’s not often you’ll have a chance to experience a pastor-sanctioned superiority complex, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. But there’s no lording it over others if there’s no posting. So, here are the rules – on your first pass through the questions, answer them unaided by Google. Any that you get right, put (UG) next to your answer (for un-Googled). After your first attempt, take a second pass using the internet. When you are done, post your answers in the comments section of this post. Don’t worry if your score is not great – the very fact that you attempt the quiz causes the angels in heaven to rejoice, and quite possibly would have knocked years off your time in purgatory if purgatory actually existed.

            So, here it is – the Snowy Day Bible Quiz, Part Deux!!!

  1. We’ve heard of people spiking drinks. Who was given a drink, then, while dozing, was himself spiked in the head?
  2. What is the longest name in the Bible? (hint: his friends just called him Mo)
  3. What two craftsmen did God give mad creative skills to in order to build the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant?
  4. What three disciples are known by two different names? (FYI: “Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al”)
  5. What book of the Bible never once mentions God? (probably just a minor oversight)
  6. What tool did Elisha the Prophet rescue from drowning? (I’m guessing it definitely wasn’t a Craftsman)
  7. You think you’ve had a bad hair day? Which of David’s sons had his fly-away locks cost him his life?
  8. Which judge of Israel would have been enemy number one for PETA’s Fox Protection Division?
  9. What kind of fruit tree did Jesus send to an early grave for failing to produce? (“You had one job!”)
  10. What chilly prophet had to walk around clothing-deprived for three years just to make a point? (“Couldn’t I just send a memo?”)

3 thoughts on “Snowy Day Bible Quiz, Part Deux!!!

  1. Lorrie Johnson Kloss Reply

    1. Eutychus?
    2. Maher-shalal-hash-baz.
    3. Bezalel, Oholiab
    4. Simon/Peter, Thomas/Judas,
    5. Ruth I believe
    6. Mikveh
    7. Absalom
    8. Samson
    9. Fig tree (easiest one so far!!!)
    10. Isaiah

  2. Steve Yohn Reply

    Lorrie, nice work! First one in.

    1. Good guess, but Eutychus’s injuries were less spiky and more crushy.

    4. Two out of three ain’t bad. The judge, however, refuses to allow partial credit. Sorry.

    5. Close, but…

    6. Nice use of Yiddish! However, a mikveh is a pool of water for Jewish purification rituals. I happened to take a picture of a mikveh from the time of Jesus in the ruins of a house in Magdala. I’ll see if I can include in the comments. If not, I’ll post it on the church Facebook. All that to say that the tool could have drowned in a mikveh, but this one happened to take a dive in the Jordan.

    So you got 6 of 10!! Great work!! Based on my secret coding of the Latin Vulgate, I’ve determined that you can brag about your biblical brilliance to three people without fear of spiritual retribution. Congratulations!!

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