A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Steve came to SCC in the summer of 2016. Prior to coming to SCC, Steve served in many different ministry capacities in areas such as children and youth ministry and men’s ministry. He and his wife Katie were married in 2002, and they have 3 young sons – Nevin, Elliott, and Zabe. His hobbies include motorcycling, playing guitar and mandolin, tinkering with VW Beetles, and reading. He holds a Bachelors in Bible from Lancaster Bible College, as well as an MBA from Elizabethtown College.

Where did you grow up: Maryland till I was 15, then Pennsylvania
Birthdate: Jan. 18th
Hobbies: Playing guitar, tinkering with VW Beetles, and chess
Favorite Band/Music: Toss up between punk rock and jazz
If you could travel any place, where would you go: The Appalachian Trail. It’s kind of my home away from home
What’s the best thing about SCC: Being surrounded by people who have a genuine passion to see the church become the best it possibly can be
Favorite Movie: Empire Records
Do you put pineapple on your pizza: I can neither confirm nor deny
Favorite Food: Candy
Favorite Bible verse: Habakkuk 2:1-3
Do you know the Konami code: For 1 player or 2?

You can reach Pastor Steve at steven.musser@strasburgcommunitychurch.com