The Truth is Out There

Three weeks ago I wrote about the Kavanaugh hearings. I did my best to jab a little here and jab a little there, as I tried to show the ridiculousness of what’s happening in Washington. Little did I know then that what I portrayed as the epitome of all that is wrong in our government was actually just the toe sticking out from behind the curtain.

I’ve spent the last hour writing and rewriting the next paragraphs talking about the accused, the accusers, and the political machines. But each time after reading it through, I highlighted and deleted. The depth to which the leadership of this nation has sunk is not something that I can joke about right now. It’s too smarmy, too swampy, too disgusting. So, while this may be as close as I get to an “I am Spartacus” moment (okay, one joke), I’m going to leave most of this blog on the cutting room floor and just ask you to pray.

I woke up Monday morning at 1:30 with the Kavanaugh mess heavy on my mind. Technically, that wasn’t what woke me up – being 52 is what woke me up. But this is what kept me awake. There is such a spirit of dishonesty and disingenuousness in Washington and in our media that it’s hard not to feel both appalled and hopeless at times. That’s when God reminded me of something I had preached about Sunday morning. Jesus is our Teacher of Truth – He is the Source and the Standard by which all truth is measured. The truth is out there, and, when we look to Jesus, He’ll show us that He has got more skills than Mulder and Scully in helping us to discover it. So, I began praying for the truth to be seen in Washington, and that prayer is what I’m calling you to join in on.

I can’t tell you who’s lying and who’s not in this whole Kavanaugh thing. I have my strong suspicions, but I’ve been fooled before (I’m still getting over the fact that Anakin is really Darth). Only God and a handful of people know the truth, and the rest of us are simply getting played.

God is bigger than Washington. Together, let’s pray that the Truth is made evident. Pray that those on the side of right are shown to be right. Pray that those on the side of wrong are shown to be wrong. That’s not a difficult thing for God to do. Rather than sit by and get frustrated and disgusted, channel that emotion into something positive. Put it in God’s hands, then sit back and relax in the peace that God has all things firmly in His control.

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  1. Joyce

    Great blog!! I’m right with you all the way! Yuck!! Great ideas for prayer. Most times I don’t even know what to pray… sooo glad my God is in control!

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