Update on Pastor Yohn (9/2, 8:30p)

SCC Family-
First off let me begin by saying what a blessing it was to see so many people come to the church throughout the day to pray and then to have so many come out this evening to pray corporately. We serve a big God. It has been an encouragement to hear from people, literally all over the world, as they gather together in prayer for Steve and the family.We will continue to abide in prayer and look to the Lord for His peace.

Nancy called me with an update on Steve just a few moments ago. He is still in the ICU being monitored by physicians. Right now, their concern is that Steve has very low oxygen levels and as a result, is on a ventilator. At this point they are trying to determine what is causing the low oxygen levels but are unsure. Additionally, there is also potential damage to his right ventricle that they are monitoring closely. Steve is receiving constant attention as physicians monitor his condition.

Continue to be in prayer, especially for Nancy, as she has a lot on her plate with contacting family and also for Madeline, and she processes through everything.

I was reminded this morning by someone of the beauty of Psalms 103 and today it has been a constant companion of encouragement to me. Please, when you have the opportunity, read Psalms 103 as well and find peace in the word of the psalmist.

Updates will continue to com via email and Facebook.Continue steadfastly in prayer.

-Pastor Steve Musser

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  1. Joyce

    Thank you so much Steve, for the update. I can’t come to the church but I am certainly praying!!! God is with him and his family and like you said He has a plan. We can thank Him for His healing power and trust Him in it all.

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