Update on Pastor Yohn (9/3, 11:30a)

In Psalms 121:1-2, a powerful display of faith takes place that serves as a reminder to each of us this morning as we continue praying for Pastor Steves recovery.In vs. 1 we see the psalmist shift his attention “to the hills” in search of answers and ask the question—“where does my help come from?” Certainly a question many of us have been asking these past few days. Often though, when we ask that question, it’s easy to feel as if we’re left hanging and wondering what the answer is. But here’s the cool thing about this…we’ve got the answer! The psalmist writes the words of verse 2 with confidence—“My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” BOOM! Right there. 
Read that again out loud… “my help comes from the lord!” 
Now read it one more time and say it really loudly…”MY HELP COMES FROM THE LORD!!!”
Whew! That felt good.
When we look around and wonder what’s going on and wonder who’s in control we can rest confidently knowing that God-the creator of the universe-is in complete control. When you get the chance read through the rest of Psalm 121 and see how the psalmist continues to remind us of how the Lord takes care of us in every way. Man, what great words of encouragement!!

Steve is still recovering in ICU and is heavily sedated. The doctors continue to be concerned about his low oxygen levels and are working to get them up to where they need to be. Overnight, Steve had a rough night as his kidneys are not functioning the way they need to and doctors were also concerned about blood clots in his legs as well as an increasing blood-pressure. They ran some tests and thankfully no blood clots were found so they are continuing to monitor his kidneys, oxygen, and BP. 
Obviously I know we will all continue to be in prayer for things, but here are a few specific things to pray for…-For Nancy to get rest. This morning she woke up with a bad headache and thats not an added stress she needs to deal with now. -For Madeline as she processes through everything. She has stayed at school, close to friends, but will probably be coming home today to be with the family-For Steves parents. They have have tried to remain isolated for the past few months because of COVID and not being able to get in to see Steve is understandably difficult
We know our help comes from the Lord and that he will meet our every need. Continue to trust in Him and find peace in his wonderful plan.

-Pastor Steve Musser