Update on Pastor Yohn (9/4, 5:30p)

Another huge PRAISE! Steve’s blood oxygen level is improving- they may try to wean him from the ventilator in the next day or two. Amazing! 

His heart is showing signs of improvement and they don’t think they will need to operate again! Praise! 

His kidneys are functioning at almost full capacity!! More Praise!  

He is still on the ventilator but was totally cognizant and able to write messages to his brother Rick. Things are looking so good! And though he remains in the ICU, conversations are now turning to recovery plans! Seems miraculous considering all that has happened. We praise God for hearing our cries and answering!! What a great God!!

-Pastor Steve Musser

6 thoughts on “Update on Pastor Yohn (9/4, 5:30p)

  1. Sheila Wadsworth

    We serve an amazing, loving, omnipotent God!!! Jehovah Rapha!!

  2. Vivian Franklin

    Awesome news. I have been praying for him and the family. I’ll continue to pray.

  3. Joyce

    Praise the Lord. I’m always so excited watching the Lord do miracle after miracle. Yes what a great God! I bet Steve has great stories to tell. This was not coincidence!

  4. Patty

    This is such an encouragement in these times in the sovereignty of God and his great mercy towards those called for His purpose. May Pastor continue to confound doctors, nurses and everyone as he heals so they ponder and praise our great God! From a visitor to your church.

  5. Andrews

    Charlie and I are so thankful for your updates. We are in prayer for Steve and his family. And thank God for your loving church family and leadership. We love worshipping with you all when we visit Scott and Bri. What a mighty God we serve. Love and prayers from Wallace, Nebraska.

  6. Micki

    Never forget GOD IS IN CONTROL. Wonderful to hear good news!! We won’t stop playing for comfort and peace and complete recovery.

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