Update on Pastor Yohn (9/9, 5:20p)

Here is the latest update on Pastor Yohn—
I had the opportunity to go visit Steve yesterday and it really was a blessing to see him and talk to him. He was conversational and was even cracking some jokes along the way. Steve is continuing to make improvements in all areas, but obviously still has a long road ahead. Today, they removed a few more ports from him which means that less and less medicines are needed to give him. Pain management still continues to be an issue however they are continuing to hone in the proper amount of meds to help Steve manage that.He was able to get some much needed sleep last night, which was a great relief. The doctors had noticed, I assume by checking some of his charts and readouts, that he hadn’t slept in like, 2 days. Sleep goes a long way in recovery, so it was good that he got some last night. Pray, specifically, that he has a restful night tonight.

Looking forward a few days, they are hoping to be able to get him out of ICU and up to one of the other “regular” rooms. Nancy asked that we pray specifically that Steve gets to go to the 10th floor rooms because apparently they are new and all the rooms have a view of the mountains. Right now, his view is of the backside of a large A/C unit.

Visitation is still very limited so as of now, they are not accepting visitors. Nancy has said that it would be a huge blessing to Steve to receive cards and notes of encouragement. For those of you who dropped some off this past Sunday, I did hand them over to him yesterday. Please continue to drop those off at the office and I will get them to him when I go see him, hopefully on Thursday afternoon.
Thanks for all the prayers everyone! Keep ‘em flowin’

-Pastor Musser