Update on Pastor Yohn

SCC Family
By now (9:00a) you have most likely heard, through email, Facebook, or other means, that last night Pastor Yohn was air-lifted to Swedish Medical Center for emergency surgery to repair a tear in his aortic valve. He went into surgery around 11:30p last night and only came out of surgery early this morning. He is currently in ICU recovery while his condition is being monitored.At this point, there is not much information to share regarding his condition other than that doctors will need to monitor him very closely for potential complications.

I will continue to provide updates to our church family via email and the churches Facebook page. Please understand that because of COVID regulations at the hospital that information is flowing slower than it normally would but I will provide updates as timely as possible. Additionally, because of those COVID regulations, visitors will not be permitted at the hospital, so please do not attempt to do so. Nancy has also asked that people refrain from contacting her or Steves parents directly, as they have much to handle right now. 

While you are certainly more than welcome to contact myself or the church office directly, please understand that we won’t have any more information than what is being shared through email and Facebook.

Please continue in your fervent prayers for Steve, Nancy, and Madeline at this time. We serve a big God who has a perfect plan already laid out and we will continue to trust in Him. 

Trusting in Him Alone,
Pastor Steve Musser | Assistant Pastor

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  1. Ken and Mae Zook

    We’re so sorry to hear about Steve Yohn’s emergency surgery. We’re praying for the Yohn family and also the church during this difficult time.

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