Viewing a Hearing

I’m working from home today, courtesy of a dead car (yes, that car – the one we just dropped $4k into for a new transmission). On the positive side, this happy little circumstance has allowed me to get a glimpse into the senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. There was no doubt that this was going to be a circus, but you’d hope that in Washington at least it could be more of the refined Cirque du Soleil kind of show. Instead, what I watched was more reminiscent of an Atlantic City Boardwalk freak show. Democrats doing their best to obstruct the process. Republicans doing their best to sound sanctimonious, pretending they hadn’t done similar things at the end of President Obama’s tenure. Protestors shouting out and being taken out. Silly little people dressed up in their silly little Handmaid’s Tale costumes lined up in their silly little lines trying to make their silly little points.

Contrary to how it may seem, this is not meant to be a political post. I’ve got my own views on the way our governmental system is being run, and what the potential solutions might be (most involve term-limiting all elected officials to Wednesday of last week). But what struck me watching these hearings is that the fight to affirm Brett Kavanaugh is a very clear representation of the battle between good and evil in our nation.

I’m not saying that Brett Kavanaugh is the epitome of good and that everyone against him is evil. I don’t know the man. I’ve read about him and he seems like a good guy, but it’s also possible that at the senate hearings he could stand up, unzip his outer humanoid shell, and reveal an evil miniature space alien that’s been guiding his movements and is now poised to take over the world. The war that’s being fought right now in Washington is a microcosm of the greater culture war taking place in our nation. It clearly delineates the gains that evil has made over the last decades and how fearfully desperate so many are not to give back an inch.

All one needs to do is look at what is being protested to see where the battle lines are drawn. The primary fear is a rollback of Roe v. Wade, thereby sending the abortion question back to the states. Thus, the great cultural divide centers on whether it is a basic human right to kill another human (please keep your zygotey, fetusish verbiage to yourself). The devil’s got a firm grip on this national disgrace against the unborn, and he’s not planning on letting go. Throw in with abortion the continued slide away from biblical standards when it comes to marriage and gender and identity issues, as well as the desire by many from both the left and the right to maintain and foster the racial divisions that so many others are seeking to heal, and there’s no wonder that this nation feels at times like it’s sitting on a cultural powder keg.

I’m going to keep this blog short, because I have an assignment for you. Whether you agree with any of what I’ve said or not, there’s no denying that our country has problems and that we are farther away from being a nation pleasing to God than we’ve ever been. I’d ask you to take time right now to pray for our country. Pray for our president. Pray for our Congress. Pray for our justice system, from the Supreme Court on down. Pray for the furtherance of God’s good and the destruction of Satan’s evil.

Most of all, pray for those people who are caught up in the defense of sin. They’re lost – they don’t know what they’re doing. Let your anger melt into compassion. God can and will change hearts. A new law or a Supreme Court decision does nothing for those separated from God. Only the Lord’s love, as He pours it out and as it shines through us, will bring truth and hope and peace and joy to the angry mob. And it’s only when the people are healed that we will begin seeing the healing of our land.

3 thoughts on “Viewing a Hearing

  1. Cindi Doss

    Thank you! It’s so hard to remember, in all the noise, that prayer and compassion are the ONLY answer to the crazy!

  2. Evelyn Schroth

    Totally agree with you on all points ! TERM LIMITS: No more than 2 terms, when that time is up, no benefits, including salary, health care, protective services. Go back to work as an ordinary citizen !
    See how ordinary Americans live. You might even like it !

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