What Christmas Means to Me

What is Christmas to me? The smell of cookies baking in the oven. In every shape you can imagine: snowmen, angels, Christmas trees, and reindeer just to name a few. Frosting sits ready to turn plain cookies into colorful confections. Christmas is decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving. Buying a REAL Christmas tree. The fresh woodsy smell bringing back a plethora of memories. Carefully hanging each odd, beautiful, and funny ornament on the tree while reminiscing about how we came to acquire them. The final product a hodge-podge of decorations collected throughout the decades all crammed on one tree. It’s perfect.

Christmas is German Chocolate Pie. A scrumptious recipe passed down through generations. Written in a secret code called cursive. Most of the time I am able to decipher it. It’s loudly jamming out to Christmas music while the husband rolls his eyes. I am slowly winning him over with my musical talent *cough cough.* Christmas is laughing until you cry. The gathering of family. The day usually ending in a friendly card game of Spoons. Except we are a competitive bunch and “friendly” ends in brutal fights over cheap plastic spoons. Christmas is about finding the perfect present for all those special individuals in your life. It’s getting dressed up and taking pictures because we GOT TO get those Christmas cards out!! Sit down and smile! People are expecting them after all. Christmas is shiny lights thrown up everywhere. It’s watching all those cheesy Hallmark films, then the classics like Home Alone. Christmas means everyone is just a little bit happier, more joyful, giving and stressed. Christmas is the pressure of really finding that PERFECT gift. Is there even such a thing? Getting everything done before the deadline. Cooking ALL that food. Often Christmas means traveling across the country to be with family, but what is Christmas all about really?

God, the One who created the entire universe with the words of His mouth. Sent His son to become a man and live among us. Not just a man…a baby. Placed in the womb of Mary. He experienced everything we do and endured so much more. The Savior of us all. Born in a humble manger. Born to die because of us. Christmas is certainly a celebration. A celebration of God coming down in the form of man, to die on a hill that He created, nailed to a tree that He created, by men that He created and loved enough to take on our sins for us. To accomplish what no one else could have. What no one else would have.  

How can we do anything but celebrate Him?

 The condemnation of Romans 3:10 “As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one,” met the wonder of 2 Corinthians 5:21 “For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

Isn’t it amazing to think that Jesus started His journey in the meekest of beginnings but ended it by conquering sin and death? Jesus came to bring “shalom” meaning peace or completeness. The peace that Jesus brought into this world at Christmas allows us to rest in Him all year long.

Christmas is ALL about the birth of Jesus and we have so much to celebrate. 

Jesus, the perfect gift of love.

Wife, blogger, outdoor enthusiast, and mother to two wild & free boys, you can read more from Betsy at her blog coloradorhoades.com

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  1. Cindi Doss

    Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about! God bless you and your family!

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