Growing Where Planted

About us

Whether you’re a Christ-follower looking to connect with a church to take your relationship with God to a deeper level or you are just starting to learn about Jesus, you’re welcome to join us!

Student Ministries

For birth though high school, our student ministries offer vibrant and exciting ways to connect students to Christ. Even from an early age, we desire to teach children not just about what a relationship with God is but how that relationship is carried out in their everyday life.

Community Groups

Community groups function at the heart of our ministry. Bringing people together in their homes for discipleship, accountability, encouragement and support is vital to the health and development of one’s relationship with Christ.

CARES Foodbank

As a partner agency to the Food Bank of the Rockies, the CARES Foodbank of Strasburg helps assist families along the I-70 corridor though the assistance of the Food Bank of the Rockies as well as generous donations of local grocers, churches, and private donors.

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