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baja missions trip

July 21st-27th 2024

Join us in the sunny San Quinten Valley of  Baja Mexico as we partner with UReach Global to build homes for the local farming community.
In just seven life-changing days we'll completely build a new home for a family in need, while sharing the gospel of Jesus.

Trip Details 

Important Dates

Location: San Quinten Valley, Baja Mexico
Date: July 21-27th
Depart: Denver, CO to San Diego ; Bus to Baja
Cost: $1,400 (includes airfare, lodging, and food)
Travel Documents: US Passport
Ages: entering 9th Grade and up
Accommodations: Dorm-style cabins, clean, running water.
**no vaccinations are needed for this trip
Important Dates
February 18th- Info session and dinner
March 15th- Last day to register ($100 deposit due)
April 30th- Next payment due- $560 (40%)
June 1st- Next payment due- $420 (70%)
July 1st- Last payment due- $320 (100%)
July 21st- Depart for San Diego/Bus to Baja
July 27th- Bus to San Diego/Return to Denver


Can children below 9th grade go on the trip?
Yes but any students below 9th grade will need to have a parent attend the trip along with them.
Who do I pay for the trip?
Payment will be made directly to Strasburg Community Church. You can pay with cash, card, or checks made out to Strasburg Community Church.
Will there be any fundraising opportunities for the trip?
Yes! We will hold at least 2 group fundraising activities to help pay for the cost of construction supplies. Participants on the trip will be expected to help out with at least one of them. We'll let you know more about those later.
Can I purchase my own flight to San Diego?
No. We have a tight schedule for arrival and departure and need to ensure that everyone arrives at the same time. Because of that we will handle purchasing airfare on behalf of everyone.
Will there be any downtime/activities?
Yes! When not working on the house, there will be opportunities for hiking, fishing, trips to the beach, and much more.
Do I need to bring my own tools/supplies?
No. Everything will be provided for construction.
Should I bring spending money?
There will be opportunities to do some site-seeing and you may want to purchase things. If you bring spending money, most places accept American dollars but nothing larger than a $20 bill. ATM machines are available in some places  and some places are beginning to take credit cards, however we recommend sticking to cash.
What is the climate like?
The average temperature is around 80 degrees with warm days and cool nights.
Is the area we are in safe?
Absolutely!! Safety is our #1 priority . While crime exists everywhere, the area we will be in is safe and secure and any risk is minimal.
Do I need any vaccines?
No. No vaccines, including COVID, are required for the trip as risk for contracting any diseases is minimal.
Do I need insurance for the trip?
The cost of insurance, at $4.50/day, is included in the trip pricing. This includes medical and evacuation coverage.
Is there access to clean water?
Yes. Where we will be staying has clean, running, filtered water, as well as flushing toilets and hot showers (usually).
I checked out the UReach website and it cost less to attend through them? 
The cost posted on the UReach website does not include airfare or the cost for house construction, which is around $6,000. These costs have been included in the $1,400 for our trip.

2024 Baja Missions Trip

July 21st-27th

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